September 9, 2010


Guest: Ellie Schatz, Ph.D.

There are many different kinds of "smart", says Ellie Schatz, founder of the WIsconsin Center for Academically-Talented Youth. The key is let children lead the way in discovering their strengths and to encourage them to follow their curiosity. It is important for children to learn what they don't like as well what they do enjoy in order to discover their strengths. On this program, Ellie Schatz explains the WOW factor, what is an Optimal Match, and how parents can inspire their children to be the best they can be.

The children's book Ellie authored, Grandma Says It's Good To Be Smart, illustrations by Brenda Palmer, teaches children to ask questions and seek answers. In the end, they find, "It's cool to be smart!"

More insights into education as well as how to order her book can be found on Ellie Schatz's blog: