January 28, 2015


Guest:  Lauren Seno, Project specialist and Technical Assistant for the Regional Enrollment Network, Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association

On February 15, the second year of the Affordable Care Act’s Open Enrollment period will come to an end. Thousands have already enrolled in a health insurance plan, but for those who still need help, are confused, or don’t think that the Health Marketplace has anything to offer them, assistance will be available throughout Wisconsin as this year’s Open Enrollment period winds down.  Look for Super Saturday special sign-up events on January 31st!

On this program, Lauren Seno gives us the details we need to know to obtain insurance coverage, understand eligibility levels and how to determine our shared responsibility.  For immediate help, go to EnrollWI.org.  To enroll online, go to healthcare.gov.

January 21, 2015


Guest: Nino Amato, President/CEO - CWAG, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

As a founder of Dane County’s newly created NAACP and chair of Mayor Sue Bauman’s "Task Force on Race Relations & Racial Profiling" in 1999, Nino Amato, President/CEO of CWAG, shares his views on last year’s “Race to Equity” report which stated Dane County has the worse racial disparities in America when it comes to the: (1) K-12 Education Achievement Gap; (2) Income Inequality and Unemployment of citizens of color; (3) More African American Males imprisoned than in any other county in the nation.

For information on how to get involved including joining the open-to-everyone, newly-created NAACP of Dane County, contact Nino Amato at namato@cwag.org.

January 17, 2015


Guest:  Mary O'Gara, owner and publisher - O'Gara Publishing

For years, Pat O’Gara headed O’Gara Publishing, a locally-owned family company started by his father, Tom, that has been publishing niche publications in Dane County since 1994 and also presented the annual Lifestyles Expo for seniors.  Four years ago, Pat called his sister Mary asking her to come to Madison.  He needed her help.  Pat had just been diagnosed with ALS.  Mary moved to Madison, cared for Pat and moved into the leadership role at O’Gara Publishing.  Pat died a little over a year ago.

Mary is now owner of O’Gara Publishing and has published a new resource guide on aging - renamed The Journey of Aging.

On this program, Mary O’Gara talks about what it was like to have her brother diagnosed with ALS while at the same time her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. She shares how she used her personal family experience to add more content to The Journey of Aging - dealing editorially with the critical issues of housing options, home care, alzheimer’s, advance directives, hospice and end of life decisions while also providing an up-to-date listing of Dane County resources. The Journey of Aging is free at locations throughout Dane County including libraries and senior centers.

For more information, go to www.journeyofaging.com.

January 7, 2015


Lina Trivedi, mom, inventor and entrepreneur

On this program, Lina Trivedi shares the story of her daughter, Nikhita, now 5, who has a very rare genetic syndrome called Goltz sundrome. Nikhita was born without a leg, missing fingers and lacked muscle on one side of her face. Lina had important decisions to make.

Lina had already worked as a web developer and college educator in the areas of financial planning, professional development, marketing and e-comerce. When she worked in Chicago for Ty, Lina was credited with authoring the first 136 poems found inside the tags of Beanie Babies and helping to launch Beanie Babies as the first Internet sensation. Now, she needed to use her entrepreneurial skills to build a life that worked well for her and Nikhita. The result: the Wisconsin-based technology firm, Blue Lotus Productions, Inc. and the launching of the patent-pending software, WordBotic, which gives people the opportunity to write their own stories in a short period of time. 

Find more information at www.wordbotic.com.

January 2, 2015


Guests:  Stephen and Barbara Byer, co-founders and co-directors of ALS Worldwide;  Barry Wein, Director of Philanthropy and Communications and Sarah Byer, Outreach Counselor

We all remember the successful Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the nation this summer.  Now you can learn more about the devastating disease - ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease - the cause behind the Challenge. "It's been described as life in a glass coffin," say Barbara and Stephen Byer, co-founders and co-directors of ALS Worldwide.

On this program, the Byers, whose son, Ben, died from ALS, share their story.  They are joined by Barry Wein, Dir. of Philanthropy and Sarah Byer, Outreach Counselor.  ALS Worldwide is committed to supporting patient care in over 85 countries and is working now to accelerate research of a new and promising drug treatment for ALS.  For more information, go to www.ALSworldwide.org.

December 24, 2014


Guest:  Doug Moe, Journalist

Was Doug Moe born to write? All he knows is that as a young boy he used to love reading the backs of cereal boxes. Yes, Doug Moe did evolve into an accomplished journalist and has served the Madison community for nearly four decades.

Currently Doug writes about Madison and the people who make it a unique place in a column which runs Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in the Wisconsin State Journal. Doug Moe has also authored several books - his latest, Good Men: The Lives and Philanthropy of Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman.

On this program, hear Doug Moe share stories from his own journalistic journey and more about the amazing Goodman brothers, the subjects of his just-released book.  Delving into the lives of these very private men from their birth in St. Paul to coming to Madison in the 1930's to take over the family's fledgling jewelry store and following their path over the next 70 years was an intriguing and enlightening project.

December 17, 2014


Guest: Madison Mayor Paul Soglin

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families' "Race to Equity" report in October 2013 showed blacks fare far worse than whites in nearly every indicator of well-being for Dane County residents. Latinos and other minorities are also experiencing great disparities.  Attacking poverty and inequities continue to be major priorities for Mayor Paul Soglin.

On this program, Paul Soglin details the equity and poverty challenges he is confronting as Mayor of Madison and describes what he is doing to find solutions.  Hear about the "Housing First Policy" for Madison's homeless and the Affordable Housing Plan as the first step.  Learn more about the Neighborhood Resource Centers and Teams and other critical support services the Mayor deems necessary to give those who are challenged a chance to succeed. Find out how he is embracing President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge" in Madison.  This and more on All About Living.

December 10, 2014


Guests:  Pamela Bean, Ph.D. and Director of the Biomarker Project; Todd Campbell, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Manager, Dane Co. Dept. of Human Services; Tamara Feest, Executive Director and Behavior Health Administrator, The Human Service Center, Rhinelander

Wisconsin leads the nation in the percentage of drivers Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Now a handful of Wisconsin counties have become the first in the nation to administer alcohol biomarker tests to repeat drunken drivers for evidence of heavy drinking. These tests are evidence-based and can look back weeks or even months.

On this program, Dr. Pamela Bean, Todd Campbell and Tamara Feest describe how biomarker monitoring works, and how, combined with appropriate treatment, it may help repeat offenders stay sober longer, keep them from getting rearrested, save counties money - and make road travel safer.

December 6, 2014


Guests:  Ross Kinzler, President of the Madison Club Foundation; Mary Gaffney-Ward, General Manager of the Madison Club

This year it was the Badger Honor Flight; last year the Henry Vilas Zoo; before that DAIS, Porchlight, Operation Fresh Start, and the list continues. These are among the ten local charities that have benefited from the Madison Club Foundation, founded ten years ago to recognize and promote a local charity each year. So far they have raised close to $800,000 for worthy local charities.

 We've taken the Madison Club beyond the walls of the building to make a difference in the community, says Ross Kinzler, President of the Madison Club Foundation and guest on this program.  Ross is joined by Mary Gaffney-Ward, General Manager of the Madison Club, who takes us back to the beginning days of this over 100 years old Madison institution.

For information on submitting a proposal to the Madison Club Foundation, go to www.madisonclubfoundation.org or call Krista Laubmeier at 608-255-4861.   

November 27, 2014


Guests:  Molly Bandt, Director, Covering Kids and Families; 
Alison Espeseth, Leader, Health Literacy Project

Open enrollment in the health insurance marketplace of the
Affordable Care Act began November 15 and will continue
through February 15, 2015 - this year with no website glitches.

To enroll, to window shop, to update your information, look for
a better plan, or to see if you are eligible for Advance Premium
Tax Credits or BadgerCare, go to www.healthcare.gov.

On this program, Molly Bandt and Alison Espeseth walk us through
what we need to know about enrolling in this second year of the
health insurance marketplace during this open enrollment period.

Find more information at www.ckfwi.org or www.enrollwi.org.