March 26, 2015


Guests: Dan Barlow, Manager, Volunteer Program, Independent Living, Inc. and Heather, Nadia and Aidan Wolowik, ILI Meals on Wheels Volunteers;  Barrett, Nathan and Lisa Allman, Chefs for Seniors 

March is more than Madness!  It is a month to highlight the growing need to make sure our senior population does not go hungry and has nutritious meals available. On this program, two options available to provide meals for seniors in their homes describe how their services work:  Chefs for Seniors - a new business that provides grocery shopping and customized meals prepared in homes by professional chefs and Meals on Wheels, a long time meal program where nutritional meals are delivered by volunteers. Two different approaches yet one common thread. “It’s all about relationships!”

For more information on Meals on Wheels or to volunteer, go to

Contact Chefs for Seniors at

March 18, 2015


GUEST: Lisa Masterson, M.D. and Bonnie Oleson

Women’s health was front and center Sunday, March 15, when Lisa Masterson, M.D., the Emmy-nominated co-host of the Emmy-winning syndicated daytime medical talk show, “The Doctors,” spoke at Mid-West Family’s Healthy Living Expo at the Marriott Madison-West. On this program, hear excerpts from Dr. Masterson's message.  Dr. Masterson, a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology and family planning is a strong proponent of equal rights for women and all people having access to healthcare. She promotes everyone developing a life plan that works for them.

Also on the program is Bonnie Oleson, Events Planner for Mid-West Family, who shares highlights of the EXPO and describes her own family’s struggle confronting a family member dealing with addiction.

March 12, 2015


GUESTS: Pat Gallagher, Active Zone Leader; Bonnie Oleson, Events Coordinator, Mid-West Family Marketing; Brad Zaugg, owner, Zerorez Madison

Being and staying healthy is a top goal of all of us, but what works for you and your family? What are your choices?  In what ways do your living environment, the things you do, the foods you eat, the relationships you have, the healthcare you seek make a difference in how healthy and happy your life journey is?  Answers to these questions and an amazing array of things to do and learn will fill the Marriott Madison-West on Sunday, March 15, 10 am - 3 pm.  The EXPO is free to the public with activities and presentations for all ages!

On this program, Bonnie Oleson and Pat Gallagher describe the highlights of what to expect at this first-ever Healthy Living Expo. Plus, hear the story behind Empowered Water and how it becomes a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals from Brad Zaugg.

For more on the HEALTHY LIVING EXPO, go to

March 6, 2015


GUESTS:  Janet Bollig, Medical Social Worker and Outreach Manager;  Ridley Usherwood, Grief Coordinaor, and Rachel Schneider, Hospice RN - Home Health United

Hospice is a benefit for those faced with a life-limiting illness that is covered by Medicare and many insurance companies.   Knowing about hospice and the levels of care that precede it can make the difference in living out your life on your own terms.

On this program, Janet Bollig, Ridley Usherwood and Rachel Schneider describe the the stages of care, the difference between palliative and hospice care, the importance of advanced planning and, in the end, how hospice care can add quality and dignity to the remaining time you have.

Hear more on this topic at Mid-West Family's HEALTHY LIVING EXPO, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Sunday, March 15, at the Marriott-Madison West. It is free to the public with activities and presentations for all ages!  Go to for more details.

More care information can be found on

February 26, 2015


Guests:  Tracy Flood, MD, PhD. UW-Madison Statewide Obesity Initiative and Joe Ring, Executive Vice President Land Services, Park Towne Development

"Most medical conditions must be prevented outside of the clinic walls," says Dr. Tracy Flood who is Director of Data for the Wisconsin obesity Prevention Initiative at the University of Wisconsin. That's why she became a neighborhood doctor, collaborating with city planners and advocates to map healthy neighborhoods and open up green spaces.

On this program, Dr. Flood is joined by Joe Ring, who has led the development of Conservancy Place, where people can walk out their front doors and enjoy 650 acres of walking, hiking and biking trails and plenty of green space. Hear more about the work being done to bring people together to build neighborhoods that promote healthier living and reduce obesity.

February 19, 2015


GUEST:  Mark Miehe, Independent Financial Advisor, Midwest Financial Group  

We may have focused on love as we celebrated Valentine's Day, but as wonderful as it sounds, we can't live on love - alone.  On this program, we look at how money issues and financial management can impact loving relationships.  It takes income and financial planning to realize the hopes and dreams of a lifetime together. 

Mark Miehe, founder and president of Midwest Financial Group, Inc., talks about the importance of good communications and understanding the components of a solid financial plan that match the values and aspirations you have for your life.  Learn about the roles disability insurance, long-term care insurance, 401Ks, regular and Roth IRAs, and investing to maintain purchasing power without losing to inflation play in creating a sound financial plan that works for you.

For more information, go to

February 12, 2015


Guest:  Scott Wieland, Employee Benefits Specialist, Midwest Financial Group

While February 15 is the deadline to sign up for health insurance on the federally-facilitated Health Exchange - the only option where tax subsidies are available - that is only one option for obtaining health insurance. You may not be eligible for subsidies, so you are purchasing on the open market, not the Exchange. You may be a small business or a non-profit agency and wondering what health plans are available for you. You might decide not to provide coverage but want to help your employees obtain it. Or you might be just confused. What is the best plan for you? Should you select a silver plan, a bronze plan? All kinds of questions!

On this program, Scott Wieland shares his wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with individuals, groups, and employers - people he has helped clarify their health insurance options and make the best choices for them.

Also, if you’re buying health insurance through the Exchange, don’t forget.  Go to before February 15.

For more information, contact, 608-807-4775.

February 4, 2015


Guests:  Jennifer Uphoff Gray, Artistic Director, Forward Theater;  Dr. Carey Gleason, neuropsychologist, UW Health and Veterans Hospital and researcher, Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center;  Fabu Carter, former Madison Poet Laureate, Alzheimer's Poetry Project and WADRC Outreach Specialist.

Following Forward Theater’s recent production of The Other Place, the power of creativity will be explored at an upcoming Community Conversation with caregivers, professionals and anyone working with people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, February 15, at Promega Corporation.  The afternoon is co-sponsored by UW Health and the Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin.   The public is free, but reservations are required.  Tickets can be reserved at

On this program, Jennifer Uphoff Gray, Dr. Carey Gleason and Fabu Carter who is located at the UW South Madison Partnership, 2312 Park Street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays beginning February 10, come together to discuss keeping connections strong through the arts.   Using imagination to build relationships, improve well-being and give people an opportunity to express themselves in unique, creative ways is a new shift in caring for an aging and disabled population.

Fabu's poem, For Our Elders With Memory Loss, is available in the book Dementia Arts: Celebrating Creativity in Elder Care by Glary Glazner at  For those interested in participating in Alzheimer's disease research, go to or call 608-265-0407.

January 28, 2015


Guest:  Lauren Seno, Project specialist and Technical Assistant for the Regional Enrollment Network, Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association

On February 15, the second year of the Affordable Care Act’s Open Enrollment period will come to an end. Thousands have already enrolled in a health insurance plan, but for those who still need help, are confused, or don’t think that the Health Marketplace has anything to offer them, assistance will be available throughout Wisconsin as this year’s Open Enrollment period winds down.  Look for Super Saturday special sign-up events on January 31st!

On this program, Lauren Seno gives us the details we need to know to obtain insurance coverage, understand eligibility levels and how to determine our shared responsibility.  For immediate help, go to  To enroll online, go to

January 21, 2015


Guest: Nino Amato, President/CEO - CWAG, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

As a founder of Dane County’s newly created NAACP and chair of Mayor Sue Bauman’s "Task Force on Race Relations & Racial Profiling" in 1999, Nino Amato, President/CEO of CWAG, shares his views on last year’s “Race to Equity” report which stated Dane County has the worse racial disparities in America when it comes to the: (1) K-12 Education Achievement Gap; (2) Income Inequality and Unemployment of citizens of color; (3) More African American Males imprisoned than in any other county in the nation.

For information on how to get involved including joining the open-to-everyone, newly-created NAACP of Dane County, contact Nino Amato at