February 9, 2011

ADDRESSING MENTAL ILLNESS AS A BRAIN DISEASE (Part 2 of a series on Mental Illness)

GUESTS: Nancy Abraham
Dylan Abraham

When Nancy Abraham's son, Dylan, was diagnosed with schizophrenia 37 years ago, Nancy had no where to turn for help or support. So she began creating a support group that would envelope all the others in her same situation. Her organizational efforts began in Dane County, extended to the state of Wisconsin and then led Nancy to become one of the co-founders of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Nancy talks about how society views mental illness today and the changes in perception and treatment that are so critically needed.

For more information, contact NAMI at www.NAMI.org, or call the Dane County office, 608-249-7188. For immediate help, call the Crisis Line, 280-2600.