September 23, 2011


Guests: Jeremi Suri, former UW Madison History Professor
Alison Alter, former Development Director, Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters

"History is about change," says Jeremi Suri who, with his wife, Alison Alter, departed this summer from the University of Wisconsin Madison where they built a formidable reputation over the past ten years, to continue their academic careers at the University of Texas at Austin. Before they left, they stopped by the All About Living studio and shared their thoughts on a breadth of issues confronting society today.

Strong advocates of education, Jeremi and Alison give their perspective on the power of The Wisconsin Idea, the lessons history can teach us to improve the present, and the need for all of us to reach beyond what we know to build community in a diverse world.

Jeremi Suri's latest book, Liberty's Surest Guardian: AMERICAN NATION-BUILDING FROM THE FOUNDERS TO OBAMA is scheduled for release this month. More information is available at