November 18, 2011


Guest: Eileen Mershart, Executive Director (Retired), YWCA of Madison

Eileen Mershart retired this week after 13 years as Executive Director of the YWCA Madison. On her busy "to-do" list during her final weeks leading the effort to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women, Eileen included a visit to the All About Living studio to reflect on those YWCA programs that she initiated and are near and dear to her heart. The YWCA commitments to women begin with safe and affordable housing and emergency shelter but then have expanded to racial and restorative justice, education and training for women and
people of color, and enrichment programs for girls to grow healthy, strong and confident lives.
While these endeavors sound ambitious, progress is being made. Eileen Mershart shares the specifics on this All About Living program.

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