December 9, 2011


Guest: Nino Amato, President/Executive Director, CWAG - Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide membership organization that was founded in 1977. Working to develop a framework in which all generations can age well in Wisconsin is what CWAG is all about. Discussing how CWAG is focused on accomplishing this is the focus of this program. It takes leadership, advocacy, education and policy to build age-friendly communities says Nino Amato. On this program, he shares the details about the major issues currently on the top of CWAG's list and the actions
being taken.

SeniorCare, the cost-effective drug program available only to Wisconsin's older adults, is one of them. Garnering support to save SeniorCare through December 2012, CWAG is now working to extend the program beyond the 2012 expiration date. Other issues include advocating to keep Alzheimer's/Dementia from being classified as a mental illness; educating people on the Voter ID legislation and obtaining identification; preventing identity theft; informing Medicare recipients on the new preventive screenings and other benefits available through the Affordable Care Act, and promoting the Wisconsin Campaign for Better Care to assure Wisconsin citizens of their Patient Rights.

For more information on any of the above or other resources and benefits available to Wisconsin citizens, go to or call (608)-224-0606. Toll Free: 1-800-366-2990

Additional information on Voter ID is available from the League of Women Voters: