December 23, 2011


Guests: Jean Bachhuber, Director of Memory Services
Jennifer Baird, Director of Sales
Jasmine Rogness, Regional Director of Marketing

Using lessons from The Blue Zones: Lessons from People Who Have Lived the Longest, by Dan Buettner, the National Geographic journalist, Oak Park Place, a senior living community providing a Continuum of Care, focuses on wellness as they strive to meet the individual needs of their residents. In a Continuum of Care environment, residents can "age in place" on one campus - moving from independent living to assisted living to long term care including a memory loss facility. "We are wellness focused and resident driven," says Jasmine Rogness.

This could mean a change in our perception of what senior living is like today. The Oak Park Place environment includes restaurant-style dining, featuring entrees prepared by chefs trained in the culinary arts. Residents also submit their favorite recipes which are featured on the menu. Activities center around resident interests with wellness in mind. Book clubs, knitting groups, the Oak Park Choir, yoga classes, a walk club and strengthening classes are just some of the choices available. Even a Biggest Loser Contest and an Irish Pub! Education programs also abound with regular expert speakers and discussion groups on topic of importance to residents.

This is what Continuum of Care looks like today. Oak Park Place is just one example. The concept offers an environment with housekeeping, transportation, supportive care, orthopedic rehabilitation, and other levels of service to support daily living. "Be proactive," says Jennifer Baird. "Visit the options available before you need them so you can choose the environment and lifestyle in which you would like to live - long term."

This program covers how Oak Park Place has adapted the lessons from The Blue Zones, how they have structured senior living options, and the benefits to individuals and family members when people are matched with an appropriate living environment. For more information, go to