July 6, 2012


Guest: Richard Leffler, Ph.D., Editor Emeritus, Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution

The Supreme Court has spoken. The Affordable Care Act - the Individual Mandate - is Constitutional. Pages were written on both sides of this opinion, and in the end, Chief Justice, John Roberts, found that is was constitutional under the broad taxing powers of the Constitution.

What do we know about the Constitution - the dynamic dialogue and negotiations that the Founding Fathers engaged in? This program takes you back to those days, before air conditioning, when those bigger than life leaders from the relatively newly-established states gathered together to create a document that would unite us all and would be ageless in its interpretation. Richard Leffler eloquently describes the reality of the lively discussions and the delicate negotiations and trust that eventually led to the ratification of the Constitution and subsequent Bill of Rights.

As the Judicial Branch of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has, throughout its history, sought to find within the Constitution sound reasoning for the decisions that have evolved. With the substance of the Constitution in hand, on this program Richard Leffler dissects the latest ruling of the Supreme Court using the actual words of the Justices who wrote them.