August 31, 2011

CATCH Healthy Habits Early

Guests: Christine Beatty, Executive Dir., Madison Senior Center

Pat Gilbert, Civic Engagement Dir., The OASIS Institute, St. Louis

The Madison Senior Center, in partnership with The OASIS Institute, has received support to implement the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Healthy Habits Program. This inter-generational program connects adult
volunteers age 50 and older with children, grades kindergarten through 5, to engage and educate them about nutrition and physical fitness.

As child obesity is rising in epidemic proportions, this program highlights this new and evidence-based approach to making fitness and healthy eating fun and a natural part of life. Learning becomes a two-way street for the young children and older adults who together tackle preparing healthy snacks, moving their bodies, and learning about Whoa, Slow and Go Foods.

To become a CATCH volunteer, call 267-2344.
For more information on the multitude of Senior Center activities, call 266-6581, or go to