August 27, 2011


Guests: Eve Galanter, Chair, Wisconsin Women's Network
Judy Patrick, Pres. and CEO, Women's Foundation of Californa

91 years ago this month, one lone Tennessee legislator changed his vote (at the insistence of his mother), and that was enough to ratify passage of the 19th Amendment, giving American women the right to vote. Thursday, August 25th, the Wisconsin Women's Network is hosting a Women's Equality Day Celebration. (Details on Special guest at the event is Judy Patrick.

On this program Eve Galanter and Judy Patrick chronicle the continuing and sometimes bumpy journey women have embarked on since the equal rights amendment passed. You'll hear how 5 Wisconsin women who were one step ahead of the Amendment. Outraged at being denied the right to vote, they established the Madison Civics Club, now celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. The criteria to join: being a brainy individual in your own right and having a civic conscience.

This year, Wisconsin was selected to receive a grant from the Women's Foundation of California to establish a Wisconsin Women's Policy Network. Details of the new Institute and how it will build more effective women advocates on issues important to Wisconsin communities are shared on this program.

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