February 15, 2010

Matters Of The Heart - Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance Of Wisconsin

This Valentine's Day we talk about matters of the heart, both physical and mental. Kristin Larson, Danielle Thai, and Hal Blotner join me to talk about the wonderful work they do with the Alzeimer's & Dementia Alliance.

February 10, 2010

Madison Community Foundation - President Kathleen Woit

Established in 1942, the mission of the Madison Community Foundation is to encourage,  facilitate and manage long-term philanthropy.  President of the foundation, Kathleen Woit, joins me to talk about this wonderful and invaluable nonprofit.  

February 4, 2010

Peter Gunderson - Gunderson Funeral Home

The Gunderson Family has been helping people in their time of need for 85 years and continue to be a positive and generous member of the Madison community.   

Wendy Soucie: Social Media

We learn all about the social media from Wendy Soucie, a business consultant that helps companies take advance of new media.   

Coalition Of Wisconsin Aging Groups

Out-going Executive Director Tom Frazier and in-coming Executive Director Nino Amato join me to talk about health care and how the CWAG helps seniors in our State.

Roger Brucker - Cave Explorer

 We learn all about the exciting life of Cave explorer, author, and conservationist Roger Brucker

David Noer: Layoff Survival

We talk about how to deal and overcome being laid off in tough times with David Noer. 

Debi Offerdahl - Ultimate Spa & Salon

Debbie Offerdahl, owner of Ultimate Spa Salon and Secret Garden in Monona, tells us about the positive side of taking care of yourself.

Gerhardt Fregien The Medicine Shoppe In Monona

Owner and head pharmacist at the Medicine Shoppe Gerhardt Fregien joins me to talk about health, well being, and what services the Medicine Shoppe provides for our community.