January 29, 2016


Guest:  April McHugh, Career and Educational Counselor, Division of Continuing Studies, UW-Madison

It is one thing to be employed.  But job security and advancement cannot be taken for granted in today’s working world.  Managing a career is a lifelong process where an individual takes charge of directing his or her professional growth and success.  It involves setting personal goals and regularly updating skills to ensure competency over the long term. The outcome should include personal fulfillment, work/life balance, goal achievement and financial security.

Sound easy? Not necessarily so says April McHugh.  In fact, it’s a relatively new concept to many professionals, but it can make all the difference in whether goals are achieved and sustained.  Learn more about the career management process from April McHugh on this program.

January 21, 2016


Guests:  Tammy Stanek, Certified Pigmentation Dermal Artist and Owner, Lasting Beauty Cosmetics;  Clients, Cindy and Melissa

There is more to permanent makeup than meets the eye. Sometimes it is the simple solution to time-consuming daily makeup applications or dealing with allergies, smudges and mismatched brows. But in many cases, because of scarring, surgery, vision impairment, fading areolas, or the severe hair loss condition called alopecia, permanent makeup can move a person from the shadows to back to living a full and productive life with a feeling of greater self-worth and confidence.

On this program, Tammy Stanek describes the breadth of current procedures customized to each condition or personal desire. Joining Tammy are Cindy and Melissa, who each had permanent makeup procedures for different reasons - one to wake up with makeup applied properly that doesn’t wash off in the pool or at the gym; the other after developing severe alopecia which took away her eyebrows and was spreading to other areas of her body.

January 14, 2016


Guests: Elaine Leon, Integrated Employment Specialist, Care Wisconsin; Mike Jones, Care Wisconsin Partnership Member and Owner, Data Flow Solutions

Earning money, working with others who do not have disabilities, improving physical and mental health, depending less on social programs, gaining a sense of belonging, and contributing to society are just some of the benefits people with disabilities are experiencing through Integrated Employment opportunities. Integrated Employment refers to jobs held by people with disabilities in typical workplace settings where the majority of persons employed are not persons with disabilities, where they earn at least minimum wage, and where they are paid directly by the employer.

On this program, Elaine Leon and Mike Jones describe how Mike has been mentored by his Care Team to build a successful and satisfying career.  Care Wisconsin currently has about 400 members working in Integrated Employment.

For more information on opportunities for Integrated Employment, go to carewisc.org.

January 6, 2016


Guests:  Boo Mortenson and Petie Rudy, hosts of the Boo & Petie, Too Show

For 16 years, Boo Mortenson and Petie Rudy shared their lives and wonderful guests with their loyal radio audience every Saturday morning on WTDY.  Now retired from the Boo & Petie, Too Show but still leading active lives, these two dynamic women return to reminisce about their years on the radio entertaining listeners with their personal escapades, and they kick off the New Year with reflections on their definition of living life to the fullest.

January 1, 2016


Guests: Jackson Fonder, president and CEO of Catholic Charities Madison and Fran Augustine, Director of Hope Haven

The Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run/hike is a 48-mile trek across the Grand Canyon and back.  Considered a must on the Bucket List of avid-runners, Jackson Fonder, dedicated long-distance runner, completed the arduous journey this past fall.  He faced 10,000 feet in elevation change, major temperature swings and unstable conditions. With lots of time to reflect during the 14-hour double-crossing, he saw parallels in his venture to the journey clients at Catholic Charities’ Hope Haven are on in their struggles with addiction. There is no finish line on their road to recovery but a continuous path of ups and downs that eventually can lead to a healthier, more positive life.

On this program, Jackson Fonder and Fran Augustine share parallel stories of determination, fear, support, setbacks and achievement. Why do some succeed and others not? What are the keys to removing obstacles that get in the way of reaching goals? Hear their answers on this program.