February 24, 2012


Guest: Donna Beestman, Career Strategist, Executive Career Coach
Founder, Career Success Strategies, LLC

If you're making a career transition, if you've been downsized or restructured out of a job, if you are approaching retirement age but have no plans to retire completely, or if you are happily employed and want to grow in value to your employer, then Donna Beestman's expertise can help further your opportunities.

"The world of work has changed, and professionals must learn to manage their careers," says Career Consultant Donna Beestman, who shares her professional perspective on this program. Working for the same company for most of your working life is a thing of the past. Today young workers will change careers/employers 4 -5 times and will have over 10 different jobs. The new focus has moved from Lifetime Employment to Lifetime Employability.

How do you do that? Donna shares tips and suggestions that work in today's environment for those who are in the process of transitioning in their careers. "Networking is critical," says Donna. But then you need to be successful on the rest of the career journey. Yes, you'll need a resume, know and use the intricacies of social media, be prepared for the interview, and be ready with a two-minute drill that will highlight who you are and what you do. "You have to learn to brag about yourself, and that's not always easy for those of us in the Midwest," says Donna. These are just a few of the career strategies that are discussed on this All About Living.

For more information, go to careersuccessstrategies.com or call 608-831-5226.


February 17, 2012


Guest: Chef Monique Jamet Hooker - food enthusiast

Yes, there is a movement underway to improve the quality of meals children receive at school - just one of the efforts to combat childhood obesity. On this program, Chef Monique Hooker describes the next phase in her illustrious culinary career - partnering with school districts in Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest to put schools and communities on a new course of healthy eating.

Trained in Europe...chef, teacher and author, Monique Hooker, moved from France to New York (where she worked alongside Jaques Pepin and other famous chefs) and then moved to continue her culinary endeavors in Chicago. She and her husband now live in Viroqua, Wisconsin - hand chosen because of its rolling hills, water and rich agricultural terrain.

It is here that Monique's enthusiasm for preparing nutritious meals with fresh ingredients from the local farms has found a new home - in the Viroqua Area School District. It is here she joined the Chefs Move to Schools program which helps chefs partner with interested schools to create healthy meals and teach parents, teachers, school nutrition professionals and kids about nutrition and making balanced and healthy choices. Getting Chefs involved is part of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign to solve the childhood obesity epidemic within a generation.

Wisconsin's Farm to School Program also establishes relationships between local foods and school children - another initiative embraced by Monique. Chef Hooker describes how she obtains bountiful vegetables from the local farms and uses them in a multi-vegetable dish like ratatouille to make school lunches a gourmet delight. Her tips on making nutritious meals simply can be used by all of us in our own kitchens.

For more information, go to any of the websites below:

ACF_CM5 | Chefs Move to Schools

NFSMI Cooks for Kids Season Four: Chefs Move to School

Wisconsin Farm to School Programs -- FarmtoSchool2.org


February 10, 2012


Guests: Karen Perzentka, businesswoman, community leader
Jean Kalscheur, Vision Rehabilitation Teacher
Marshall Flax, Director of Rehabilitation Services
Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Being blind or visually impaired does not diminish the opportunity to have a full life. Blind from birth, Karen Perzentka gives us a glimpse into how she has embraced her world. Married and the mother of two, Karen has been active as a volunteer in multiple community and school organizations including serving as a Cub Scout leader for two years and Girl Scout leader for six. Currently, she owns a braille transcription business and is president of her P.E.O. Chapter and president-elect of the Attic Angel Association. She bowls, cheers on the Badgers, and encourages people who want to be of assistance to just ask, "May I be of help?"

Jean Kalscheur works with people to find alternate ways and adaptive products to accomplish everyday activities that make the visually impaired more confident, independent and safe. Keeping people connected to the latest methods of communication is critical in today's high-tech world. On this program she describes the new and free, computer training classes for the visually impaired, "Keeping Seniors Connected," a six-week course that begins March 5th at the Madison Senior Center. To register, call 237-8106 or email jkalscheur@wcblind.org.

Marshall Flax, Director of Rehabilitation Services, offers suggestions on what families and friends can do to increase the independence of someone who is visually impaired. From marking appliances to check writing, there are powerful tools available to erase limitations in the areas of communications, financial management, cooking, and recreation. All of these and more information on the aging eye are included in the free booklet, "Sight Through the Ages," - available from the Council.

For more information on important resources for the blind and visually impaired, call 608-255-1166 or 1-800-783-5213.
Website: www.wcblind.org

February 3, 2012


Guests: Melanie Ramey, State President
Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director
League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Voter Photo ID was signed into law on May 25 2011 by Governor Walker, and beginning with the Spring Primary in February 2012, a Photo ID will now be required at the polls. As the 2012 elections loom in front of us, the issue of needing Photo Identification in order to vote in Wisconsin continues to be a point of contention. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has launched a legal challenge to the constitutionality of Wisconsin's new Voter ID law, which they say erects barriers to citizen participation in government. The Department of Justice contends that the League does not have the standing to bring the lawsuit. Dane County Judge Richard Niess ordered both sides of the case to proceed and scheduled a hearing date for March 9th.

On this program, Melanie Ramey, State President of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director, take us inside the legal battle and give us guidelines on what we need to do to make sure we are (1) Registered: prove who we are and where we live, and (2) Able to Vote: prove who we are including a photo.

For information on obtaining a free Wisconsin ID card for voting and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to www.gab.wi.gov or call 608-261-2028. Another source of information on voter eligibility and registration is www.vpa.wi.gov. For specific directions on voting in your community, call your Municipal Clerk. For general information on the Wisconsin Voter Photo ID law and other election issues, go to www.lwvwi.org.

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