September 27, 2012



On this program, Pulitzer Prize winning author, David Maraniss shares highlights from his latest book, BARACK OBAMA: THE STORY.

Kansas and Kenya intersect in this generational biography that takes us back to President Obama's ancestors and reveals the individuals and forces that shaped his life.

Hear, too, some of David Maraniss' own fond memories of growing up in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Linda, continue to live in Madison and Washington, D.C. where he is an associate editor at The Washington Post.

September 19, 2012



On this program, Judy McClain Mauerman and her husband, Bill, share details about their their new life journey - living with memory loss. Judy has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, typically the precursor to Alzheimer's disease, and the couple soon learned that this is a path they walk in tandem.

Judy and Bill express their desire to openly talk about what they are experiencing - individually and as a couple. Judy, known well for her positive, upbeat personality, says she continues to live by her motto: Pain is inevitable; Misery is optional, and Joy is a choice.

As a spouse and caregiver, Bill shares these tips: Join a support group for caregivers; Learn how to communicate with the person; Monitor medications; Write out instructions; Designate a place for important items (keys, etc.); Plan ahead - legal, financial, community resources, driving issues; learn to deal with emotions and stress; Attend the Crossing Bridges program by the Alzheimer's Alliance.

Danielle Thai, Education Coordinator for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin, joins the Mauerman's and describes the many programs the Alliance offers for those whose lives are impacted by Alzheimer's.

To support local programs, the public is invited to join in the Dane County Alzheimer's Walk, Saturday, September 29 at Warner Park. All dollars raised stay in Wisconsin. For more information go to or call 608-232-3400/888-308-6251.

September 12, 2012


Guests: Pat Guttenberg, Program Coordinator, Madison Senior Center
Connie Jicha, Clinical Educator, Home Health United
Julie Hitt, Health & Wellness Manager, Home Health United

The first HEALTH and RESOURCE FAIR at the Madison Senior Center, 330 W. Mifflin St., is Thursday, September 13, 9 - 11:30 AM. Pat Guttenberg describes the many health screenings, resources and presentations available free to the public - important information and services people are encouraged to pursue. More details at

Why is this important? Connie Jicha and Julie HItt from Home Health United point to the power people have to protect and maintain their health. Chronic Disease Management is one example. Lifestyle changes are the greatest force in managing them, and behavior change comes from 1% medical management and 99% self management!

Fall is also Flu Shot Season - important protection for everyone 6 months or older. You will hear about the 2012 protection. For HHU's public clinic schedule, call 608-241-7279 or visit

September 7, 2012


Guest: Kati Marton, author of PARIS: A LOVE STORY

On this program, Kati Marton, former wife of ABC Anchor, Peter Jennings and widow of Ambassador Richard Holbrooke shares moments from her just-released memoir, PARIS: A LOVE STORY.

An award-winning former NPR and ABC News correspondent in her own right and author of eight books, Kati Marton reflects on her high-profile marriages, her life on the world scene, and the pain she experienced in her divorce from Jennings and later in the death of Holbrooke. It was in Paris that the happiest moments of her life occurred, and it is here that she returned to heal and to begin anew.