April 25, 2013


Guests: Sara Finger, Executive Director, Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health; Emma Hynes, Population Health Service Fellow & WAWH

What is the status of women's health in Wisconsin? Sara Finger and Emma Hynes preview the upcoming Wisconsin Women's Health Policy Summit, May 8-9, 2013 at the Alliant Energy Center. The Summit is open to health providers, advocates, policy and health care leaders, and members of the community who will come together to learn about the wide variety of policies affecting women's health in Wisconsin. Topics to be covered include an update on the Affordable Care Act, the State Budget's impact on women and girls, a series of presentations on critical Women's Health issues, and a selection of Workshops to learn to connect with legislators and the public on all levels.

On this program, Sara and Emma also highlight some of the main points under discussion in the proposed State Budget.

For more information on the Summit, go to www.supportwomenshealth.org.

April 18, 2013


Guest: Mohamed Hamdan, MD, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Wisconsin

UW Health has a new Faint and Fall Clinic, only the second one in the United States. The Clinic was established by Mohamed Hamdan, MD who had previously opened the first such clinic at the University of Utah.

On this program, Dr. Hamdan describes the importance of addressing fainting and unexplained or non-accidental falls as these can be warning signs for a serious medical condition. The unique approach of the Faint and Fall Clinic draws on the expertise of specialists in cardiovascular medicine, geriatrics and neurology in a patient-centered environment. Patients are seen at the Clinic within 24-48 hours of the faint or non-accidental fall. The specialists come to the patient and coordinate the need for any tests which can usually be completed in the one Clinic visit. The focus is to make the diagnosis as soon as possible to address any underlying medical condition and prevent future recurrences.

For more information about the Faint and Fall Clinic, visit UWhealth.org/faintfall, or call 608-890-8400.


GUESTS: Kristin Larson, Director of Development; Jessica Archiquette, Professional Training Specialist - Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin

ON this program, Kristin Larson and Jessica Archiquette describe the unique programs and services the Alliance provides to those in Wisconsin who are impacted by Alzheimer's or other dementias. While a cure has not been discovered, there are strategies and treatments throughout the course of the disease that can help create the best quality of life for those who suffer from dementia and those who care for them.

The Alliance's newest initiative is its partnership with the Dane County Long-term Care Unit to pilot the concept of Centers of Excellence to raise the bar of excellence in dementia care.  Dementia Specialist training is at the heart of Centers of Excellence; however, the Centers include the participation and training of owners and management of long-term care settings and the people associated with them:  volunteers, outside providers, housekeeping, dietary, families and care staff.

For more information on the many services of the Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin and for details on their 6th Annual Wine & Roses Festival, April 20, 2013, go to www.alzalliance.net or call 608-232-3400.

April 4, 2013


Guest: Kimberly Hazen, Southwest Wisconsin Regional Director, Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a not-for-profit association of accredited businesses and is equally committed to consumers and businesses. The BBB is not a government agency and receives no public funding. What the BBB does very well is to provide Business and Charity Reviews to help consumers make informed decisions.

On this program, Kimberly Hazen shares tips on hiring a home contractor, preventing identity theft, avoiding investment fraud and common scams, and assessing charitable giving. Shredding important papers is key to preventing identity theft. Free shredding will be available on Saturday, April 20, from 8:30-11:00 a.m. at 2424 Rimrock Rd.

For more information on all of the Better Business Bureau services, go to www.wisconsin.bbb.org.