July 29, 2013


GUESTS:  Jeff Tews and Susan Rather, co-owners BrightStar Care

On this program, Jeff Tews and Susan Rather share their firsthand knowledge of the challenges and frustrations people face when quality, compassionate care is needed.

BrightStar Care provides customized care up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From childcare, adult homecare, elder care and situations that fall between the cracks, BrightStar's team is poised to step in and improve the health and make life easier and more fulfilling for the clients and their caregivers.

"Rigorous screening and matching our experienced caregivers with individuals and families based on the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good relationship are at the core of what we do," says Susan.

To contact BrightStar Care, Madison, call 608-441-8620; Baraboo, 608-355-5015; South Central Wisconsin-Janesville, 608-314-8501, or go to www.brightstarcare.com or caretogether.com.

July 26, 2013


GUEST:  Dick Lee, president ABC Construction, Monona, Wisconsin

Dick Lee, president of ABC Construction and certified in lead paint removal, talks about how lead paint and other toxins in homes built before 1978 may be affecting the health of your family - especially young children.  Plus...get some ideas on how to update and freshen your home with the newest, easy care materials.

July 4, 2013


GUEST:  Eric Ness, Wisconsin Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

What does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean for small businesses?  Currently, small businesses pay on average 18% more than big businesses for health insurance.  The ACA is structured to help small businesses by lowering premium cost growth and increasing access to quality, affordable health insurance.  The Small Business Administration is working to inform businesses on the actual guidelines for businesses under the ACA and to answer the increasing questions from businesses as October 1st approaches - the date when individuals and businesses will first have the opportunity to enroll in the new health insurance competitive marketplaces called Exchanges.

On this program, Eric Ness explains that small businesses - firms that have fewer than 50 employees which is nearly 96% of all U.S. businesses - are not required to provide health insurance to their employees.  The ACA offers the opportunity for more firms to be able to do so because of wider choices in the SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) Marketplaces.

For more details on the updated ACA guidelines, the benefits and rules for businesses, and the SHOP Marketplaces, go to any of the following websites:  www.healthcare.gov;  www.sba.gov/healthcare;  www.irs.gov;  www.dol.gov/ebsa/healthreform. 

July 2, 2013


GUEST:  Teri Woods, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist, The Psychology Center of Madison

Managing addictions is more than simply abstaining from whatever substance creates the problem in the first place says clinical psychologist Dr. Teri Woods, who is now in private practice at The Psychology Center in Madison.  Remaining "powerless" over an addiction does not address the underlying reason or allow a person to move beyond the addiction and thrive.  "I like challenges," says Dr. Woods, and working with people striving to overcome addictions and moving them into "Next" - living the best life ever beyond the addiction has been one of her most rewarding.

On this program, hear Dr. Teri Woods speak to the well-researched methods of overcoming addictions and the importance of mental health treatment as a critical component to overall health care.