February 25, 2016


Guest: Sybil Pressprich, Senior Career Counselor, Adult Career and Special Student Services, UW-Madison

Are you planning to retire?  Then what?  That is a question boomers are asking themselves as they prepare to move from a life of structured work to one with more flexibility and choice.  As one source put it, “If the golden-years dream was the freedom from work, the dream of this new wave is the freedom to work.”

On this program, Sybil Pressprich talks about how today’s retirees are re-envisioning their later life - one that continues to seek purpose, engagement and fulfillment.  Rather than a life of leisure, boomers are exploring more flexibility, phasing out, working part-time, taking on limited-term projects, volunteering or starting a whole new career.  But succeeding on your terms takes planning.  You'll learn what you can do to make retirement “work’ for you.


February 18, 2016


Guests: Tony and Jane Earl

Back in 2010, Jane Nemke wanted to support the River Alliance of Wisconsin’s auction, so she went online to bid on something.  One item particularly caught her attention - dinner with former Wisconsin Governor Tony Earl.  Jane ended up winning the dinner and, at the same time, Tony Earl’s heart.  They were married one year later, October 14, 2011.

On this program, Jane and Tony share the story of their later in life romance.  Hear them describe how they continue to maintain their separate passions - Tony Earl promoting clean air and improving quality of life in the Great Lakes States;  Jane Earl as an internationally-accredited color consultant, harnessing the power of color in her clients’ work and home environments.  Plus, don’t miss Tony Earl’s reflections on his years as Governor and the state of Wisconsin politics today.

February 11, 2016


Guests:   Janet Bollig, M.S.S.W. and Outreach Manager; Laura Hunt, Social Worker, Home Health United

End of life may be elusive, but it is something each of us will face.  Now Medicare is covering the cost of physicians having the conversation with their patients to discuss getting the care they want and need, not only for the end of their lives but also as they advance with their complex and serious conditions.  Home Health United is a provider of care in the home including hospice services and offers a continuum of care from skilled services to palliative care to hospice care.

On this program, Janet Bollig and Laura Hunt update us on the life cycle options available for health care today to help us make educated decisions on the care we want and need throughout the entirety of our lives.

Home Health United will also be presenters at Mid-West Family’s Healthy Living Expo, Sunday, March 6, from 10 am - 3 pm at the Madison Marriott West.  Free to the public, the EXPO will feature fun activities and educational opportunities for all ages - including a Cooking Stage with samples and meeting and moving with world-renowned Tae Bo Fitness creator, Billy Blanks.  For more information, go to madisonhealthexpo.com.

February 3, 2016


Guests:  Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo Fitness;  Lanette Hansen, Magic 98 on-air personality

Tae Bo Fitness is more than a workout. It is a life mantra combining mind, body and soul that, according to Billy Blanks, can empower people and change lives.  Millions of people around the world have benefitted from Tae Bo Fitness, and Billy Blanks will be coming to Madison to share the experience at Mid-West Family’s Healthy Living Expo, Sunday, March 6, at the Madison Marriott West Hotel.  This free event from 10 am to 3 pm will be filled with activities for all ages - including a healthy cooking stage with samples.  For more information, go to madisonhealthexpo.com.

On this program, legendary fitness guru, Billy Blanks, shares the remarkable story of his success and tells us what is unique about the Tae Bo Fitness program that inspires so many to move up the fitness ladder and maximize their total life experience.  Magic 98’s Lanette Hansen, a Tae Bo Fitness fan and participant, joins the conversation.