February 24, 2012


Guest: Donna Beestman, Career Strategist, Executive Career Coach
Founder, Career Success Strategies, LLC

If you're making a career transition, if you've been downsized or restructured out of a job, if you are approaching retirement age but have no plans to retire completely, or if you are happily employed and want to grow in value to your employer, then Donna Beestman's expertise can help further your opportunities.

"The world of work has changed, and professionals must learn to manage their careers," says Career Consultant Donna Beestman, who shares her professional perspective on this program. Working for the same company for most of your working life is a thing of the past. Today young workers will change careers/employers 4 -5 times and will have over 10 different jobs. The new focus has moved from Lifetime Employment to Lifetime Employability.

How do you do that? Donna shares tips and suggestions that work in today's environment for those who are in the process of transitioning in their careers. "Networking is critical," says Donna. But then you need to be successful on the rest of the career journey. Yes, you'll need a resume, know and use the intricacies of social media, be prepared for the interview, and be ready with a two-minute drill that will highlight who you are and what you do. "You have to learn to brag about yourself, and that's not always easy for those of us in the Midwest," says Donna. These are just a few of the career strategies that are discussed on this All About Living.

For more information, go to careersuccessstrategies.com or call 608-831-5226.