May 25, 2010

Loving Frank Comes To Life At Taliesin

Guests: Kieran Murphy, Historic Researcher/Creator, Loving Frank Tour
Margaret Ingraham, Reader

Building on the best-selling book, Loving Frank, Kieran Murphy and Margaret Ingraham take us back to the days when Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney moved from Chicago to Spring Green where Frank designed and built Taliesin - the beautiful home and setting where they would spend their life together. Both married to other people, their adultress relationship endured the controversy and grew as Taliesin continued to emerge as the "shining brow" on the crown of the hill. It ended abruptly with the murders of Mamah and six others and the fire.

Loving Frank Tours are now being offered at Taliesin. For more information, go to or call 608-588-7900.