December 20, 2010


Guests: John Wiley, former UW Chancellor and Interim Director, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Laura Heisler, Director of Programming, WARF and head of public programs for the WID Town Center and teaching labs

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, comprised of a public half (the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery), a private half (the Morgridge Institute for Research) and joined by a Town Center, designed to engage the public in science and stimulate entrepreneurship and industry collaborations, has officially opened its doors on the UW-Madison campus. The magnificent glass-plated building is a one-of-a-kind research institution in the world and positions Wisconsin as a global leader in life science research. Through the generous contributions of John and Tashia Morgridge, the state of Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the two biomedical research institutes have become a reality.

Within an atmosphere that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, researchers will be seeking breakthroughs on how to improve human health through scientific discovery while inspiring the next generation of scientists and helping all people better understand the remarkable science that is moving forward The Wisconsin Idea. Hear John Wiley and Laura Heisler describe the WID from an insider's perspective. The marvel of their work has just begun. For more information, go to: