January 6, 2012


Tom Morgan, recovering alcoholic, author,
Journey to Sobriety: 34 years and counting
Verne Johnson, former drug dealer, addict, gang member, author,
When Tears Fall

"You don't have to live this way," Tom Morgan was told when he finally sought help to end his life of drinking. "I honestly didn't know that," he said. And that was the first day on his Journey to Sobriety, the title of his book and the beginning of his 37 years without a drink. On this All About Living program, Tom Morgan shares personal moments from his road to recovery - why his annual New Years Resolutions to quit drinking never worked, and what finally did. Tom now counsels others on freeing themselves from alcohol addiction.

Joining Tom is Verne Johnson whose book
When Tears Fall, reveals his personal story of an early life growing up in the projects in Rockford surrounded by drugs, alcohol, violence, incarceration, sexual abuse, poverty, and five siblings with different fathers. That culture was all Verne knew, and he soon moved into drug dealing, joining a gang and becoming addicted to drugs. Escaping that world is "very, very difficult," says Verne, but he did it and has remained drug free for 13 years. "It's not about making a New Year's Resolution," he said. "It's about making a commitment." Verne is now a motivational life speaker, substance abuse counselor, minister, husband and father in Rockford.

Their books,
Journey to Sobriety by Tom Morgan and When Tears Fall by Verne Johnson are available on www.amazon.com.