August 17, 2012


Guest: Sarah White, Personal Historian
Owner, First Person Productions

Before you say, "I couldn't do that!" listen to this program and hear personal historian, Sarah White, describe just how to go about writing your own history. "It's been said that writing an autobiography is like chocolate for the brain," says Sarah. Scientists have found evidence that looking back in time engages many parts of the brain and can improve your well being and your overall health.

Sarah White shares Dr. Gene Cohen's assertion that there are five activities we need in our lives to boost our brain power: Mental Exercise; Aerobic Physical Exercise; Challenging Leisure Activities; Strong Social Networks, and Mastery. "Writing your memoir," said Sarah, "addresses at least three of them," and she makes a case for all five.

Why write a memoir? To leave a record of your life; To enjoy a new hobby; To sharpen memory; To find new insights; To celebrate life and all it offers. Functioning as a memoir writing coach, Sarah guides people to write their own stories as your finished gift to the future.

Madison Magazine gives you a chance to give it a try right now. Start with a brief sketch and it may just win you the opportunity to have your story expanded and transformed into a beautiful book through Madison Magazine's "Remember When?" contest. Visit for the complete rules.

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