July 19, 2010

Yes I Will Wisconsin! Give The Gift Of Life

Trey Schwab - double lung transplant recipient; co-chiar U.S. Transplant Games
Dick Mueser - heart transplant recipient
Jay Deppe - pancreas transplant recipient

Wisconsin has always been a leader in organ donation. For the first time ever, the U.S. Transplant Games, an Olympic-style event that celebrates the success of transplantation, honor those that gave the gift of life, and calls attention to the need for organ donors will be in Madison July 30th - August 4th.

Relating the emotional stories of being on the brink of death and receiving life-saving organs are three men who personally experienced such a journey. Grateful for the gift of life they have been give, they will be joining the thousands of people from across the country who will be in Madison to participate in the transplant games.

Wisconsin citizens are also encourage to register their organ donation wishes on the new online Donor Registry, www.YesIWillWisconsin.com. The registry is legally binding and ensures your decision to be a donor is honored. People with an organge dot on their license should still register online.